Another scare: 4th axis recalcitrance

So I finally heaved'n'ho'ed the 4th axis into position, w/ a little muscle from the ole wench. Put a bar across the top of the enclosure opening,
mounted the wench, lifted away. Wadn't quite that simple at all, but got it done. Removal/storage *inside* the cabinet will certainly be easier w/ the HF wench-to-arrive, than from outside the machine altogether.
Anyways, Powered her up, following correct procedure, I think--connect the axis w/ the machine off, cold start, and... Whinneeeeee----- the axis spins like goddamm crazy, suddenly reverses, fukn Error #1, motor fault--again and again and again and again....
Did all kinds of shit tryna start dat machine up--emergency stopped before the reversal (which is what seemed to give the motor fault), powered down before the fault, started again. Attached, re-attached the cable, blew the connectors w/ copious amounts of air... Cried....
Finally, I powered up w/o the 4th axis, just to get the machine working again, did an oh-ficial CS, powered down, did it again, and....after a cupla these efforts....
Yeah, that was me you heard whoopin'n'hollerin at 2 AM.
But what a PITfA....
In the midst of all this, Le Wife had just come home (who now inspects my "production output" 3x/day, proly like goddamm Charlie here), 'n' I tell her, Uh, dear, prepare my Fetal Bed, please, I think it's gonna be a long curling-up fer dis one...
I just knew I wasn't going to get away scot free w/ dat voltage faux pas.... This is how I know I'm going to live forever: God has too much fun torturing me.
Anyway, any idears on what dat was all about? I have noticed in the past some "sensitivities" of the fadal "firmware" w/ the 4th axis. The axis itself is a bull, works quite well in programs (well, w/ my zero points of reference!), but start ups/connections etc seem to be a little dicey. ---------------------------- Mr. P.V.'d formerly Droll Troll
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