UGNX rotary tables and 4/5 axis...

Wholly variable tool axis batman!
It seems the more complex the toolpath, the easier it is to code up. And
that's no exaggeration!
The ease of programming 4-5 axis, rotary table, etc... is insane. To think
a few months ago I was running an old version of mastercam without the
solids, on a junk ass 2.3 gig comp with a gforce 5 on it, programming for a
haas. 1 lousy gig of ram!
I can never go back!
I got an offer for 3 more bucks an hour days than I make on nights and I
turned it down monday. They have mastercam x and a couple of fadels, running
on a dell making mostly 2d stuff.
NO FRIGGEN WAY! No more crappy old software and machines limited to 3 axis
again. I am never going back. Shit, I'll make programs with gwbasic before I
go back to those conditions again.
Finally...After all this time, I am thankful to GOD I was fired! Took me a
while, but I understand it was a good thing now. To watch a micron 3+2
cutting my electrode at 150ipm on 5 sides with 700 ipm rapids is....fuck...I
pissed myself again just thinking about it. :)
Unfortunitely my wife got the message and is now harping on the extra money.
She is all about the money. But in her defence, she never made a micron 3+2
dance the jig. Damn, NX RULEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dude! welcome to the "real" world. Is that funny how things work out for the better, after all the shit your exposed too? Ya see if you wern't ya'd never know any better. Like most clueless here. I know my eyes have been so called "opened" these last 6yrs. But then again most mold shops I delt with previous were allready doing mold mfg. like your doing now. HPM dedicated graphite mills, ect. Way ahead of most small Mom&Pop shops using MC/Gibbs/Smartcam/ ect.
Keep pownding out those proggys man, the place your at should eventually recognize the talents you possess.
Hell the experience your getting now, will keep you employed/ marketable for the rest of your life. *Good* UG guys are not that easy to find, especially "good" moldshop guys.- They are different, as most "true" Moldmakers know.
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