Big shit

Looks like the crazies have come to stay.This group used to be a great source of information and banter.Now it is like someone took a huge shit here and has permanently stunk the place up.Thanks Cliff.Keep crossposting all over Usenet and we will see if all the kooks show up.

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the anti cliff
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Yes, Cliff posts one on topic thread proving he is a fraud and has never programmed a CNC Lathe or any other CNC so to get even he takes a shit here by cross posting to all his kook groups and they follow him here.

Thanks Cliff, Tom

the anti cliff wrote:

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To be perfectly fair, it's also partly Gunner's fault with the kooks as well. Both those dorks should have their nuts cut off for ruining a perfectly good newsgroup.

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Steve Mackay

Damnit Cliff,

Now all the people that contributed to this group (in on-topic threads) in the past are leaving. This is so simple, if the newsgroup name is alt.machines.cnc, that is where discussions concerning CNC machines and CNC programming takes place. A group such as alt.politics, naturally would serve a better venue for political discussion. How can you even hope to understand the large and dynamic nature or global politics when you cannot understand this simple fact?

A word of advice, Cliff, use this link for instructions how to keep out those pro-Replublican, pro-Patriot Act, pro-Big Oil mind altering rays the Dept. of Homeland Security transmits through your microwave and TV.

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Those mind-control rays can be a PR nightmare when you are posting off-topic political messages and/or trying to shout anti-Bush propaganda through a bullhorn while driving around town.

Thanks...for ruining this group.

--Adam Joseph Cook, Mechanical Engineer

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Adam Joseph Cook

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