CAM software for mold making

Can good 3 axis CAM software be found for $1000? $2000?

I have a lot of computer experience in general, and have been using the 2D features of AutoCad for a few years. Now I'm considering my first purchase of CAM software for the purpose of mold making. Just thought I would quiz the group for recommendations.

I have been offered the use of a BobCad system, is it any good? Seems I keep hearing SurfCam, but have no idea how much it would cost.

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If your serious about full 3D CAD/CAM & willing to spend a few bucks, See post: Dump your CAM & get Cimatron. It is the best keep secret in Moldmaking. Why? poor sales & marketing in US. If you are just geting your feet wet & beginner / low buck mold making well Boobcad or Masterscam may be right. There just about free like AutoMcad?at least they should be IMO. Also check practical machinist forum.

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I have little to no experience with these, but I'd suggest you try and do some research on the following.


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Steve Mackay

If your serious about full 3D CAD/CAM & willing to spend a few bucks, See post: Dump your CAM & get Cimatron. It is the best keep secret in Moldmaking. Why? poor sales & marketing in US.


How many bucks we taking about for Cimatron with the necessary options for mold making?

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Any idea about the approximate cost of those systems?

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"I like and use lowly BobCAD DOS on the shop floor when I need to find the points for a lathe toolpath." - jon banquer Jan 28 2003

"I know - you don't like BobCAD version 8 or whatever. Wake up, Ruimplestiltskin! I had fun with v17 and I rather like v18." - jon banquer Jan 26 2003

"BobCAD DOS UI obsolete ??? Hardly." - jon banquer Jan 20 2003

"I would be happy to just be able to run BobCAD" - jon banquer Jan 6

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How long ago, and what kind of problems?

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You can get the same software on the streets in China for a couple bux a disk.

And the BSA doesn't shut companies down. That would be totally counter productive to their true agenda, and that is extortion.

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Black Dragon

In the software game it's known as "PEBCAK"* errors.


*Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard !
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Wouldn't cover the cost of training*.

Better than nothing.


Seriously though, there is no way to make viable recommendations when the work hasn't been defined let alone listing "Needs" and "Wants" for features within the program and all on a $1,000-$2,000 budget.......


*assuming no prior experience
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True, but china is communist - the reds! Amelelicans stick out lick sore thumb Joe. Better off in Taiwan. Is still communist but anything go, Joe......

And that true agenda is?................. One for sure is: Find illegal software used in company's, impose fines / seat of software used? Hypithetical now: Ok here's a $50,000.00 fine for all the the cracked Cad/Cam & office software little BJ company is using. What? don't have 50K? Your out of business & In court? I guess that means your shut down? Damn who squealed on him? Must be a disgruntled ex employee? Hmmm ... Doesn't sound like extortion to me.

I still like Toms "PEBCAK" That sums up most Cad/Cam software issues. Especially when someone exports STEP files. What are you think'in? Geezze Louise. It may have been ok if your were using Cadkey back in the day or NX does ok with STEP. Sharp engineers that want to retain the exact mathematical representation of their design downstream to vendors use Parasolid or IGES. 2D Autocad guys use DXF. All the "little guys" downstream can handle those with out problems. Moral of story: STEP sucks

thanks BB: #74 The truth can hurt The truth can help When getting a feedback alert Just don't yelp

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I know of a few manufacturing companies who were busted by the BSA. One of them, instead of going through the expense of auditing their computer systems to bring them up to date / get everything legitimate and documented, found it cost less with less down time too to destroy every single computer in the facility and restart from scratch.

Pay the fines or be threatened with litigation. AKA: Extortion.

What makes you think the BSA has any authority to shut down businesses?

What makes you think the BSA is interested in shutting down businesses anyway?

The BSA is comprised of companies which create and sell software. What does that tell you, if it tells you anything at all?

That is almost always the case.

Suggest listen more carefully then.

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Black Dragon

Hi My advise is to do a web search for software and get several demo copies and try to use each one. Good software should be intuitive and relativly easy for you to use. ALL CAD/CAM softare has limitations, it is a mater of being able to work around them. I used a version of bobcad (CAM 1000) for several years. It was easier than doing things by hand or using BASIC to generate some code. But not as easy as Surfcam. Good training and finding work arounds for limitations is what makes someone feel a piece of software is better than another. It is not the tool just the person using it. Well enough rambling. later


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Don Parker

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