Fanuc Manual Guidance i

I had an opportunity to put the Fanuc Manual Guidance i through its
paces at a customer last week. I like the mill version, it has a lot of
useful tools for programming on the control. I never really appreciated
the lathe version because I thought it was redundant. The lathe already
has canned cycles. G71-G76. I have a whole new appreciation for what it
can do after last week. I still prefer G76 for threading and G83 for
drilling, but two features are quite powerful. One is rough and finish
contouring. You draw your finish part to blueprint, then your stock
connecting the geometry into a closed loop. The tools have a table
describing their style and radius. The control generates a 4 digit G
code with variables describing conditions and parameters. Cutter comp is
handled in the control like a Mazak. You save the geometry as a sub the
rough and finish cycles both use. The other powerful feature was finish
grooving. You can describe both o.d. corner radii as well as the floor
radii, as well as the angle of the walls. Since it is essentially a
pictographic code generator you have to insert beginning and ending
format for your operations. Tool and spindle information and approach
stategy as well as exit strategy for the ending of operations can be
saved and pasted at the beginning and end of operations. It has a pretty
nice graphics package and simulator function. Over all once I got over
the learning curve I was quite impressed with the Manual Guidance i for
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Bill Roberto
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The neat thing is you can convert to g code with the push of a button and have the best of both worlds.
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Bernie Jelinek

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