FS-Clausing 8540

Im getting ready to start a rebuild on that 40 Taper Larios Horizontal
mill Ive got out in storage..and will be replacing a Clausing 8540 with
it. So...sigh..the 8540 has to go.
Anyone want a nice, clean, accurate Clausing 8540 mill?
formatting link

Ill load it up with 30 taper arbors,a fair number of cutters, a vise
etc etc. As I recall, it even has a coolant pump. If not..Ill add in a
coolant pump and tank and all the proper plumbing.
Location is Taft, California, close to Bakersfield.
Price is $1400 obo. Im easy about the price, and would like it to go
away as soon as possible. I need the space to put the Larios so I can
start the rebuild
Its under power, you can come up and run it to your hearts desire, and
we can load it up on your truck, trailer, reinforced skateboard etc etc.
Ill be putting it on Craigslist this weekend, so speak now before I sell
it locally.
Ill take some photos and post em in the next day or so, if anyone really
needs em.
Gunner.. snipped-for-privacy@lightspeed.net
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An excellent small foot print mill, i bought mine from chicago public schools when they decided to shut down thier shop classes. Its fairly easy to adapt a vertical mill head to mount on the 2" arbor support bars. BP heads are fairly cheap right now. One could easily end up with a 2 axis mill that can go into a basment without much hassle. And yes you can mount a lathe chuck on a arbor and do some turning.
Best Regards Tom.
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I would but I'm in Florida.
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Richard J Kinch
I can palletize and ship
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Gunner Asch
I just set a Wells index mill head on a pallet. Like a 2J only more horses (4) and R8 collet. I'll take a fair offer.
Karl in MN
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Karl Townsend
Hah, shipping would prolly be more than your asking. If they would just finish the bridge over the gulf...
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I haven't been following the used market closely, but isn't $1400 a bit high for one of these mills, even with the accessories?
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Mike Henry
Good question. You tell me. How much would you pay for one?
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Gunner Asch
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Probably the ones that go along with filing bankruptcy.
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