Need a Swiss/Screw machine shop. Anyone want some fairly immediate work?

Hi guys, Seems our Jigs & Fixtures guy is having a hard time finding a swiss style shop that will quote on some turned parts. These are round pins. Description: Ø0.600"±0.01 head, 0.197"±0.005" long, followed by a Ø0.394"±

0.005" for the remainder of the 4.134"±0.050 overall length. Surface finish: Hard Chrome Plated after machining. Mat: Steel (not specified) Quantity: Approx 5000 per order, order 2-5 times per year. Required Lead-time from recept of P.O. to delivery to our dock: 3 weeks Shops that would be interested in a consignment situation via yearly blanket order would be especially welcome to quote.

Those interested, please email me with your contact information.

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Bora Engineering Work: 818-994-9492 Fax: 818-994-0875

Address: 14748 Keswick Van Nuys, Ca. 91405

Dahl Screw Products Work: 562-590-8894 Address: 1545 Cowles Long Beach, Ca 908...

Mance Co. Work: 951-359-8789 Fax: 951-359-0609

Address: 9880 Indiana Ave unit 18 Riverside, Ca 92503

Got lots more if none of these pan out.


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Fax your print here and we will more than gladly quote this job or any other job's you may have.



07148 Quellhorst Rd. New Bremen, Ohio 45869 Phone: 419-629-2068 Fax: 419-629-3306
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