Need Haas 5C Rotary Servo Controller Manual

I have a manual for an older Haas 5C Rotary Indexer (stepper
controller) but need one for the newer 5C Servo Controller.
Link shows excerpt from the manual I have and stitched photo of the
controller I need the manual for. Notice the difference of RS232
up/down as well as the 14 pin connector on the controller.

formatting link

Anyone can share, sale or have a source for the manual please let me
The older manual is ok for programming since it is the same for both
units. However I need the proper manual for this model to interface
with other machinery.
Have contacted Haas, no response yet.
Thank you,
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So -- the first question is whether you actually need the controller to interface to a computer?
Another one is whether the RS-232 interaces may simply be mounted elsewhere on the older one -- shown elsewhere in the manual.
As for the 14 pin connector vs the 7 shown in the drawing -- are you sure that they did not simply leave out some of the pins to simplify the drawing? The spacing of the ones which are shown looks as though they are part of the 14-pin pattern, rather than the standard 7-pin pattern, where the pins (other than the center one) are equally spaced around the connector.
Now -- the top RS-232 connector is probably set up as a DCE (Data Communications Equipment) configuration (hence the female connector), and the bottom one as DTE (Data Terminal Equipment), so it would be likely that a terminal would plug into the top one, and the bottom one would plug into a modem -- or a computer.
If you have an RS-232 breakout box, you can tell for sure which way it is configured by which of pin 2 or pin 3 has voltage output on it. (Expect no more than about 15V (or 12V for a more recent machine) from the pins. The pin 2 and pin 3 are measured relative to pin 7, BTW, that is the logic ground.
But I'll bet that it will work if you ignore the RS-232 connectors -- unless as I said, you need the communication with a computer. It may be old enough so it is expecting to have a punched tape reader plugged into it, and every time you hit the button for the next index, it reads the angle from the punched tape. (A computer can take over for this -- and may be cheaper to use these days.
I don't have one, so I can't do that. Sorry. Just working from general knowledge of how computer things work.
O.K. So you do plan to hook it to a computer.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Need to interface with different machine controllers which are proprietary. Meaning I need to check & insure the pin outs on 14 Pin Connector, 4 pin DIN as well as the communication/programming protocol which I believe are also proprietary.
No, the manual I have is for Stepper (Motor) Controller, No RS232 and these controllers have 7 pin connector as shown.
I need the manual for SERVO (Motor) Controller I have which is 14 Pin connector as well as RS232 up/down as shown in the photo.
Yes I am sure.
I have both styles, stepper and servo controllers the number of pins on the cable to the indexer are not the same nor are they interchangeable for the units I have.
I plan to hook up to machinery.
I have a manual for new Haas Servo Controller and may assume the RS232 and 4 Pin DIN pin outs as well as communication/Programming protocol have not changed. However I rather pay for the correct manual and spend a couple of hours installing rather than save $60-$100 on a manual and waste 3+ days and a few thousand dollars in lost production messing with it.
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Call Sharon at Eagle CNC.
If she doesnt know how to do it..she knows someone who does.
Tell her Gunner says Hi!
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Gunner Asch

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