adaptive control

Hi to all, i want free meterial about adaptive control, system identification ,parameter estimation , i saw to purchase a book on these topics but the cost is high thats why iam requesting you all, these are urgent and necessary to me Thanks in Advance kranthi.H

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I don't know what country you're posting from, but are you close to a University that may have some material in their library? You can find some information on all of the above topics by doing web searches, but only a book will tie them together nicely for you.

Should you get enough pennies together to buy a book, or if you can find that library (and get in) I suggest you try to find "Adaptive Control" by Karl Astrom and Bjorn Wittmark. It's as much of an introductory text as you'll find anywhere, and if I could write half as well as they can I'd be very proud of myself.

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Tim Wescott

If you are short of money, I would recomend using SciLab. Octave also has a package but I settled on SciLab since SLICOT from NICONET was implemented. They have some documents; as does NASA. Unfortunately my researches on the Internet never turned up basic understandable documention, and I had to buy several books to even get started. I could offer you a scilab script and example; but it's specialized to a MIMO thermal run; it would only work as an example.

Good Luck Ray

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