Choosing Your SCADA System Equipment-A SCADA Assessment

[A SCADA System Assessment
NBT, manufacturer of SCADA Systems and telemetry hardware equipment,
now offers a SCADA System Assessment. This white paper is filled with
industrial Telemetry, SCADA and Data Acquisition system information
intended to help educate and equip buyers to make appropriate
decisions for future SCADA and/or telemetry system projects.
The introduction to this white paper is featured below:
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a system that
allows an operator at a master facility to monitor and control
processes that are distributed among various remote sites. A properly
designed SCADA system with applicable telemetry hardware saves time
and money by eliminating the need for service personnel to visit each
site for inspections, record level and flow totals or make
adjustments. In addition, reports can be generated, system disruptions
or shutdowns can be avoided, and system modifications can be
performed, all from a single location.
Other advantages include:
* Reduces operational costs
Provides immediate knowledge of system performance
* Improves system efficiency and performance
Increases equipment life
* Reduces costly repairs
Reduces number of man-hours (labor costs) required for
troubleshooting or service
* Frees up personnel for other important tasks
Facilitates compliance with regulatory agencies through automated
report generating
* And more . .
As technology continues to advance, telemetry and SCADA systems will
become recognized as a standard for any processing site. But from the
hundreds of system providers available today, which one will you
listen to? What system will be right for your application? Who will
you choose to partner with and why?
Choosing a telemetry or SCADA system provider that will design a
system applicable to your needs can be an overwhelming and confusing
task. With little or no knowledge of telemetry, SCADA and Data
Acquisition systems and an incomplete system assessment, the decisions
made can be costly mistakes. Too often the decisions are based on . .
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