Precautions in upgrading SCADA software

Here is a description of a project I'm going to start working on. An
oil & gas pipeline has an antiquated SCADA system (estd: 1992). The
SCADA software needs to be upgraded. It the SCADA software
(distributed across serveral computers) communicates via a ModBus
network with several PLCs, a DCS and several flow computers. Of
course, field RTUs and a complex telemetry network is present.
This is my first project on such a big scale. I know how to upgrade
the SCADA software. Does anyone have any idea of how I am supposed to
execute a step by step procedure for testing the new software in its
complete capacity, without messing up big time and having a multi
million dollar pipeline wind up in my neck?
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Flo Ater
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Make sure you have all relevant vendors (or as many as you can get) involved. You have a right to be concerned.
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Walter Driedger
One thing you may want to do is run a software based modbus simulator to simulate a modbus device using Calta's MDBus modbus simulator
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This way you can use the New Scada system "offline" and poll for Modbus data from each Modbus device from the modbus simulator to ensure the data is coming in properly and is valid. Good luck
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john smith
It seems to me a good idea would be to start with the smallest/most simple systems first. With regards to taking the old system offline and bringing the new one online, it's a good idea to do as much work parallel to the original system as possible. Then start dumping one piece at a time. As for expected output operation (PLC), I always like to link my SCADA tags to internal (PLC) memory bits for testing and then when you have confirmed proper operation, then map the bits to the appropriate outputs.
Make sure you are prepared for 1 or 2 sleepless weeks. I'm interested to see what the others recommend.
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