Control forums on the net?

I was wondering if there are any forums on the net that deal with
control theory problems. So far I couldn?t find one. I would also be
interested in a german speaking forum, but english would be fine as
well. Does anyone know anything about this?
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Walter Müller
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What about sci.engr.control ?
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Fred Stevens
You could have a look at
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there is=20 some discussions on there.
However I must say that I have had problems registering and have had no=20 replies to mails I have sent, you might have better luck.
Steve YATES MTL Instruments
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New Safety Related Blog
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Walter M=FCller wrote:
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Steve Y
=?ISO-8859-15?Q?Walter_M=FCller?= wrote in news:
Try sci.math for theory problems.
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John Schutkeker
ExperTune sponsors an interactive forum for process control issues. Several industry experts, including Greg Shinskey, regularly monitor this forum.
The focus is on practical issues of control: relating the theory to practice. To join the forum, go to:
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Good luck!
George Buckbee
george.buckbee AT
John Schutkeker wrote:
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