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I plan on taking the CCST Level 1 Exam in a few months. I have also talked to a handfull of people who have taken the exam in the past. The only problem, I get different replys. One person told me that his exam was open book. This was true several years ago. Now the exam is taken on a computer, and it's closed book. You cannot even take a calculator in the door with you. Another person told me that the study guide didn't even come close to the questions he had on his exam. He thought it was a waste of time to even purchase the study guide. So, I'm asking anyone out there who has taken the Level 1 exam recently: Will the Level 1 Study guide help? I have downloaded the Standards from ISA's website, and there seems to be a lot of info which I am currently studying. Thanks in advance, Eric

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Hi my name is Tony i just tuck the ccst level1 exam i purchased the study gide and i found it helpful in the test that i tuck there was about 25% of the questions mathematical problems like 75% output of a

4-20mA transmitter is ? of course its 16mA this being the easy ones there is also some like the span in inches of water of a differential pressure transmitter used to measure the full level of a tank that is 5-ft 6-inches. high and contains a process material with a specific gravity of 0.9 should be ? answer is 59.4 this problems are for level u also need to know pressure, flow,mass,tempeture , conversions from psi to feet of water,to hg, and other many example questions are in the study guide the REAL KEY to pass the test not to memorize the questions and answers on the study guide but to understand the mathematical formulas and , and to understand how all different type of instruments in different process loops work example how does a dp transmitter function ..i belive that if u use the study guide to give you examples of what u shoud know to take the test then its worth the money if u try to just memorise questions and answers its not because i think only about 5% of questions of study guide are inthe test i wish u the best of luck i passed u can too sorry about the spaling english is my 2nd languish.
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