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Hello All of you Control Experts!! This might be kind of a cross post but since the final goal of this is for a control system maybe some of you can give me some hints on what to do. I am trying to set up a video Camera to work with a PC104 form factor computer to perform real time image processing and recognition onboard a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) I don't know if fortunately or unfortunately all the control system is developed in Simulink's Real Time Workshop, so that means I am stuck to do the image processing and most important the image grabbing using this tool. I have not been able to find any information on the web or in Matlab's website; any of you have any thoughts on the subject? any comments are appreciated and welcome.


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Mariano I Lizarraga
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Have a look for "Video (Vision) for Matlab" under Google.


Peter K.

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Peter J. Kootsookos

How about some details: - image format/size and update rate (frames per second)? - interface requirements (usb, serial?) - size/weight requirements?

I've been work> This might be kind of a cross post but since the final goal of this is for

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You might find some info in the following:

formatting link

You might want to check out the realtime extensi> the Image format, well we are trying to grab the image and process it in

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You can check my posting: "Multiple applications of the Open-Loop control."

Ziny Flikop

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ziny flikop

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