What PLC to use in stepper motor control?

What is the recommended Allen Bradley PLC to use in controlling a stepper motor?

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Sam Kaan
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I believe that stepper control module are available for the SLC and Controllogix platforms.

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Steve Hajdu

A Very low but high powerful PLC is the Fatek Please check out the

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The new series FBs is very good in this section

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If I was at my works computer I could give you the reference number of the moules we use with the PLC-5 series (yes they are still running). However, these units are not really intended for very close in control of a stepper motor. OK for occassional positioning tasks for things like XYZ tables and the like (when you know exactly how many steps you need at each stage of the profile). If you need to apply constant speed, power or torque then you may need to look for another type controller (I am just developing one for a job we have).

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Paul E. Bennett

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