Cable glands

I would like to know what is the difference betwen
1) Cable glands used for LV(below 1KV) and HV cables(above 1KV).
2) Cable glands used in safe area and those used in hazardous area
3) Weather proof cable glands and flameproof cable glands
4) Single compression and double compression glands
Can I have a write up or some site which shows the construction details
on this.
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This can be quite an involved subject and really depends on the applications and relevant standards in the country.
Regarding the voltage rating, above 6.6kv you would probably require a gland with an integral earth but this depends on the fault current rating.
Safe areas are usually Eexe or Eexd types and hazardous area glands could be Barrier type depending on Zone 1 or Zone 2 areas.
Weatherproof glands are BW and CW types with single compression seals and flameproof and E1W types would be double compression.New EN standards are prevailing in Europe.
Useful sites might be
formatting link
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One could go into a lot more detail but not sure what level of detail you require.
Hope this helps.
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