Ceiling fan dimmer/switch (not dimmerswitch) needed... Mfr?


I have a ceiling fan with lights in. I'd like a dimmer control for the lights, and a seperate on-off switch for the fan. I'd like it to fit in the existing single-gang box. The fan wiring and building wiring (12-3) supports the idea.

I can't find anything with this arrangement. There are lots of dimmers with little toggle switches below, but it's never implied that this switch is brought out for wiring independent of the dimmer control.

Also common are dimmer/fan speed controls with dual sliders, but I'm not really into that idea. The existing switch is a dimmer, actually, and it makes the fan motor buzz something fierce if it's not full on. The fan has three speeds via pullchain. Besides those dual slider jobs are pretty pricey.

Anyone know make/model of the kind of thing I'm looking for?

Hey while we're on the subject I'm looking for a screw-in lamp socket adaptor that excites both poles of a three-way bulb, or at least has a pull-chain for three-way ops.

Ultimately if I can't find what I want I guess I'll just leave the exisitng dimmer in and wire the fan always-on, and leave control of it entirely to the pullchain.


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Jeff Miller
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something like this ?

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Lutron and Leviton both offer simlar items.

HTH, John

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John Ray

I'm wanting to do something similar, but I'm more concerned about controlling the fan speed remotely.

My ceiling fan is going to high enough off the floor to make a "pull-string" speed control impractical. My question is: Do I need to run 12/3 wire for a variable speed control? i.e. one hot for the fan and another for the light OR are there switches available that allow for two wire installation?

R. Tarin

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You can buy remote kits that have a receiver that fits in the canopy of the fan and either a hand-held or wall mounted controller. They're great for retrofit situations where wall damage would be necessary to add the 2nd switch leg, since they work off of a two wire, and still give you full speed / dimmer control. You should be able to get them at most any home improvement store.


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John Ray

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