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Hello guys and gals,
It looks like that I will be accepted into the University of Illinois at Chicago, UIC, school of Engineering. The area of Engineering that I will be
studying is Electrical Engineering. The head of the Engineering department at UIC explained that it would be a good idea if I enrolled as a nonstudent to makeup the required undergraduate EE courses after which I will be admitted into graduate studies; she thinks this is my best option since I am seeking to obtain a MSEE. However, I am concerned with the fact that I have been out of school for such a long period, 20 years. So, I would like to review some basic subject areas, such as math and physics. Could any of you please recommend any good math review books?
I plan to start off with trig/algrebra, geometry, and intro to statistics working my way up to the more sophisticated maths such as calculus, differential quations etc... -- I would like to take trig/algebra, geometry and intro to statistics at the same time, first semester, because, I think, these subjects are not directly linked to each other. After completing basic calculus, which usually includes I/II/III, I plan to start studying physics, since Sir Isaac Newton developed it for solving problems in it. Also, I figured that this would be a good idea, being that velocity is dx/dt and acceleration is dv/dt and that is calculus, that the physics book might use calculus to express a lot of the basic concepts.
I went to and found the following books. I would appreciate it, if anyone has the time, if someone could visit these links to check them out; they have a "Look-Inside" option that allows you to look at table of contents and also some customer reviews.
Engineering Mathematics (Paperback) by J. O. Bird (Author) ( product link shortened) ?ie=UTF8&coliid=I2QADUUPX6XQ4W&colid=XIIUDB6SYI
Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing (Paperback) by Mary Attenborough (Author) ( product link shortened) ?ie=UTF8&coliid=I2XP401J60GB1U&colid=XIIUDB6SYI
Basic Engineering Mathematics, Third Edition (Paperback) by John Bird (Author) ( product link shortened) ?ie=UTF8&coliid=I1RS6SCVHZ6K14&colid=XIIUDB6SYI
If anyone know of any other books or WWW resources of interest i'd be most appreciative too! Also, I would be thankful to anyone that could refer any good physics books or WWW resources, although, I will not review them until I finish the math review; the last time that I was in college I didn't take any physics courses and did not take any in high school either.
Thankyou! EARamsey
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