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Dumb question time. I watched the Jessica Lynch story they had earlier this week, and I noticed one thing. In one street scene in the background were electric distribution lines/poles and a setup with 3 poles in a line next to each other with horizontal supports connecting them halfway up, and on each support were two BIG power transformers (total of 4). All 4 looked identical. Why 4 and not 3? They use 3 phase power there, right?

I figure the most likely answer is "artistic license" from a producer who knows little about electricity and/or thought that setup looked better, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

(told you it was a dumb question!)


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I'd say that the power there is single phase. Each transformer represented a feed.

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Probably at least two services from that transformer bank. Could be one seervice @ 480/277 ( or 208/120) - three transformers and one service at

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B J Conner

I assume something as strange as four different phases is out of the question.

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Michael Moroney

Not dumb- just insufficient information. There could be a 3 phase supply (3 transformers) as well as a separate single phase supply. (most likely). There could also be two "open delta" 3 phase supplies(2 transformers each) to different loads. (why? is another question). Knowing the connections to the transformers would allow a better answer. Knowing the system would be even better.

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