Dumb question...

I can't seem to undo in Solidworks (2004). I take a leap, try something,
and I can't go back. I'm certainly learning how to fix my models however
this is getting ridicoulous. In Autocad, I just typed "u" until I was back
to the unchanged drawing.
How do you save so that you can revert back? Should I be saving different
versions? Why is this so difficult?
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Ctrl-Z should undo. Under tools/options/backups, there is a entry for number of backups. If you need to revert back, just grab an old one.
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Keith Streich
Keep in mind that once you do a rebuild, Ctrl-Z doesn't go back before that point like AutoCad. So, in that respect, it's pretty limited. If I were making major changes with the thought I might want to go way back to some point, I would make several Save-as copies as I went.
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Wayne Tiffany
SW undo and redo are becoming more and more limited in what they can do.
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Undo is not consistent - for instance, you cannot undo after you open a sketch, edit it, and close out of it. However, you can undo if you use move/size features to move around blue geometry in a sketch, or if you double click the sketch and edit its dims on the screen.
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Edward T Eaton
Undo only really works when your part has not undergone a rebuild. So, for instance, Undo works well in sketch mode -- you can back up several steps. But, after you have used the sketch in a feature (extrude, etc.) you can't undo back to the sketch steps. I've never paid exact attention to how it works, but once you learn how to edit features it becomes unnecessary to constantly undo.
You need to learn how to edit your parts in SolidWorks. Forget about how AutoCAD works. Until you do, it's gonna dog you.
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I have to agree with Wayne. In conceptual design, particularly, where you know you may come up with half a dozen possible ways to design something or some odd structure, I have always (regardless of CAD program, 2D or 3D) used "Save As" with a suffix, so I can always retreat to an older version.
I have frequently asked CAD software designers why they can NOT put in an option on the Save command which allows the user to "Automatically" save with suffixes, so a new file is created with each Save or each Save As in a trouble free manor. I know this can be done rather easily (not to say their are not file relationship issues to contend with).
It can save countless hours of time, when I reach a dead end, and realize I must retrace and redesign a complex part (or often parts) to a prior stage.
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