Downloading parts for SW 2004, 2005, 2006 Compatability

How is it possible to go to a manufactures site (3D Content Central, Carr
Lane, Reid Tool, etc.) and download a part file in 2004, 2005, and 2006
versions of SolidWorks (that are calculated on the fly)?
We cannot save a file to lower versions but their version can? How is this
possible when we can't do it?
Maybe we could "launder" (or at least legally filter) our SolidWorks parts
(or assembly) files thru such an online system (here is a possible $$$
making opportunity too) to enable us to give those slow or cash strapped
clients, shops etc. our drawings... you know the ones with older versions of
SolidWorks that we can't give files to.
What software is generating these "online" parts? I think it is SolidWorks
or is it not???
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Aron Bacs, Jr.
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have you considered the possibility that they've got all three versions saved, and just send you the one you asked for?
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While that is possible, it seems it would get complex to do if you have various configurations of parts.
It would seem that the user input would generate the proper part based on input params. and then the system can generate the proper parts. Like table driven part configs.
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Aron Bacs, Jr.
Possibly they have a configurator application that can create parts in any version.
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Thats EXACTLY what I want built into solidworks !!!
just think about it .......
NO upgrade hassles (eg which sp is OK ?) as you can always go back. NO hassles dealing with other folk on other versions on solidworks. NO loss of feature tree when going back.
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Life in Mono
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I tried to analyse what was going on, on a CD I got, and came to the conclusion that they had written a script that generated the volumes on the fly. That was some time ago, and I believe I copied one of those scrips to look into it, but did not go farther.
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