Estimate electric usage

Anyone know of a simple formula to calculate what the electic usage of an
domestic appliance. Our cooker is electric and if it is set to 180c for
example how do you calculate how much electricity it uses say for 20min.
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The worse case would be if the element stayed on continuously for 20 minutes, and given the element power rating, you can work that out. Otherwise you are going to have to use an energy meter to work it out, or estimate if you can tell when the element cycles on and off.
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Andrew Gabriel
There isn't a simple formula. It will depend on the energy rating of the cooker (basically how well insulated it is). Plus, of course, what you have in it, how often you open the door, etc.
If you need to know with any degree of certainty, you can switch everything else in the house off (it may be easiest to do this by tripping the other breakers in the consumer unit next to the meter), read the meter, run your cooker at 180c for 20 min and read the meter again.
I did find out some time ago that preheating my fan oven to 220c, cooking three trays of hot cross buns for 10 minutes, then browning off the glaze for another 15 mins at 200c cost 6p...
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as follows: 1 you can use a current meter(clamp meter) to meter the the wire of the cooker which are running and get a valve of current.(I) 2 you can get the voltage of the cooker.(U) 3 the work time,such as 20 miniutes.(T) 4 the formulate: W=T * U * I
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