Inductance Break-Point test

I picked up a set of screwdrivers from a petrol station and in the kit is a
little testing screwdriver.
It has a little LCD type screen on it and two terminals.
The terminals are labelled thus:
Direct Test
Inductance Break-Point Test.
The screen reads from 12V to 220V.
I understand the Direct Test is a voltage test, giving the potential
difference between the item I test and myself.
I also understand Inductance is the 'electrical field' around a thing that
has potential to pass current without direct contact. Does the 'Inductance
Break-Point Test' then tell me the potential around the wire etc. and if so
what does the 'Break-Point' refer to?
thanks in advance
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Billy H
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Inductance is an actual quantified measurement of flux produced by actual current flow.
The inductance break point test uses the detection of magnetic flux to indicate if a wire is broken or disengaged in a sheath. If an extension cord, for example, isnt working because either the hot or neutral is broken - this device will tell you exactly where the break is due to the lack of flux generation.
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