fillet-break test

Hello all
What's the right way to do fillet break tests?
Here in the land of ISO's, the big requirement in ISO9017 is for the
sample to break through the weld. How that happens - whether that
happens anyway, notching the sample, how you press or hit it, ... -
simply get it to break through the weld...
By the way...
North American Standards say put the root in tension in the method you
use to break the fillet-weld. The ISO indicates both root in tension
and fillet-surface in tension are equally favoured.
Any comments on that?
When you've broken your sample, any good hints for inspecting it?
For welder-the-person Codings, we have guidelines based on ISO5817 -
categorising flaws in welds.
I've got an inspector's focusing torch and some special glasses for
looking close-up...
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