My Generac Megaforce 6500 generator has no output

I wonder if any of you nice people wouldn't mind giving a grandpa in
California a helping hand, as far as starting to check why my generator
doesn't have any output all of a sudden. The engine runs, but no joy as far
as electricity. I tried several items, just in case one electrical item was
bad. I pushed all the reset buttons on the panel, but nothing works. Is
there a hidden reset anywhere? I hate to take it to the dealer, I'm afraid
they may tell me I need a new one. Please, I mean no insult to the service
people, all I want is to check first.......The unit I have is a Generac
Megaforce 6500 --1006-1......Peter
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im not an engineer or something but i can just try to guess whats the problem.DO NOT RELY ON ME
possible faults are
field is not excited the coupling b/w the engine and generator has come off loose connections some wire would have got burnt and thus producing an open circuit
i dont think those guys would ask you to buy a new one coz electrical apparatus are usually very rugged and very simple to build and repair. i guess if some insulation gets damaged then u would have to replace
hope my guesses were right
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There should be two diodes, chances are they're bad or a fuse inline with them is blown. I had it happen on an older generator of mine. I replaced them with larger diodes and also placed them outside the generator in a heatsink, so the heat from the coils & engine would not degrade them.
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