old GE motor

I discovered in my pile this motor:
A-C Motor
Model 35898
For Lighting Circuits
1 phase
1725 rpm
It was driving an old wet slo speed grinding wheel through a set of 4
jury rigged pulleys.
What is strang about it is under a cover on the top is an inductor.
Quite sure factory supplied.
What is the inductor for? It is of laminated construction and is wired
in to the motor.
It appears to be of vintage 1920/1930.
Any ideas? What the purpose of the inductor was?
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At a time before standard in-wall sockets, folks used to plug many appliances into the lamp socket.
Is there a centrifugal switch?
See "Resistance split-phase motor induction motor" in...
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Adrian Caspersz

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