Re: Does anyone recognize this connector ??

... and where would one go about finding one ?
>Sorry about the graphic ... but it's small !
Graphics belong ONLY in binary news groups.
It looks like a piece that gets attached to the corner of a chassis via
soldering, screws, etc., and leaves a large, crimpable wire attach
remaining for the user to make his chassis to ground connection with.
Probably better to attach and crimp the wire first, then attach it to
the chassis corner.
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Oh, I had assumed that it was a busbar tap.
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I figured the neglible file size and c/w apology might avert this feedback.
That's eaxctly what it is ............... but it's from some dated homemade box of bits and pieces, and I need to replace on of these.
That's the plan ... but I need to identify and replace
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Rod's SHAW
The binary group of choice for this type of material is
Aside from the schematics, there are plenty of on and off topic (electrical/electronic) posts made there.
You could post a much higher resolution SET of photos there, and would likely garner many more responses.
Most folks' ISPs strip binary posts from non binary groups, so many won't even see it unless you post it to a binary group.
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Advice well taken ............. I shall follow up with that ng
tks !
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Rod's SHAW

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