Anyone recognize this battery connector?

I have the draganfly IV helicopter, which uses
11.1 V Li-Po batteries, with the connector
shown in this photo:
formatting link

Does anyone recognize the conector?
I've found a much cheaper source
for the batteries, but I need to get my
hands on several of the connectors,
since I have to mate the batteries
to the connector on the motherboard.
The vertical dimension (height) of the
connector is about 7/8 of an inch.
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I don't know what its called, but I saw something similar to that at a radio shack in town
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Looks like one of the Yazaki variants. Yazaki connectors are impossible for individuals to get. Cut it off the heli and put on something like a Dean's.
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David AMA40795 / KC5UH
I believe the ones at Radio Shack are a Molex type connector. You can buy better quality Molex (brand) connectors from a commercial electronics supplier, such as Graybar. They are very similar to the photo you posted.
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Tom Johnson
Lots of loss with connectors of this type. You're probably using a measurable amount of the battery power just getting through these connectors. Power that could translate into longer flight time and better performance.
As I think someone suggested, you'd be better off with changing out all connectors to something like a Sermos or Deans. You can find both through Tower, Hobby Lobby or probably at your LHS.
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I don't recognize that particular connector, but it appears to be about the same size & type as the "Mini" Tamiya plug carried by Maxx Products (#2913)...
Fact is, this type of plug is notorious for power loss (voltage drop due to high resistance). There are much better aftermarket plugs available.
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Bill Fulmer
That's true, but the mating connector is soldered directly to the "motherboard" of the Draganflyer. However it's not an insurmountable problem.
I have one here at work, and it's actually fun to fly. I've been flying airplanes for 25 years plus, but helicopters are new to me and I am getting a taste of "newbie" orientation problems all over again. Fun challenge! And what a laugh with LiPoly batteries - 15 minutes hover time or so.
Mike D.
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Mike Dennett
can anyone post their DF battery connector mods? thanks in advance.
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