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Hey all,

I am also new to R/C, I have purchased the PT40 Avistar select, Futaba controller and some other goodies. I also have the GP Realflight G2 software/controller. My question is this, I would like to import an Avistar into my G2 app but I can't seem to find a plane or a scheme for it. Does anyone have a Avistar that they can send me to import or know of a place that has one?

Thanks, Carl

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Carl Barkman
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If you go to the RealFlight web page, you can download an Avistar file. It's really a modified PT trainer, with the Avistar scheme. I found that it flew almost exactly like mine. I had to turn down the nosewheel steering, though.


Carl Barkman wrote:

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Steven Arnold

I appreciate all the help and responses.. but now I have a message "error opening ... radiovalues.ini" and then the app shutsdown. I was trying to use my futaba T6XA instead of the usb Interlink controller... does anyone have a solution to this mess...

Thanks, CarlB

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Carl Barkman

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