Security system affecting dial up?

My sister lives in a remote area. The chances of ever getting broadband seem slim. Even living in the middle of nowhere she had been burglarized more than once. She has a security system. I recently put in a phone jack for her and I noticed that the security system had exclusively tapped into the line connection. All the phones had been tapped to the other pair coming from the security. She has been complaining about speed for some time but I really have no way of knowing if it started happening when the SS was installed.

Can this extra connection be the cause of her slow down? Has anyone been able to verify that this happens. I know it "can" be, but is it known to be common?

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the security system will seize the line when it needs to dial out. at all other times it will present no load to the line. ( ringer equivalence of

0.0 )
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few months a go i started at the enormous task of setting my grandparents up with internet. No Matter what i did I could not get them online until it was found out that the Security system was tapped into the phone line. I was setting them up with DSL but it could cause similar problems with dial up speeds etc, However dial up often works in Mysterious ways!!!!

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DSL is not dial up. it is broadband. note OP said "in a remote area" this would preclude DSL

telcos in "remote areas" seem to have a problem maintaining phone line quality. check for corroded connections at the customer demark (phone connection box). have telco check line integrity. leakage to ground is one problem that has been encountered. another problem can be damaged surge suppression devices.

the security system likely contains a relay. under normal conditions the phone line is passed through to extensions and devices. placing the modem between the security system and all other extensions may improve your situation. in other words configure phone line > security system > modem >

distribution block > all other home devices.

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