Sound effect problem

Can anyone help me to solve the problem: When i play any soung the sound changed. Male voice changed to female voice. e,g. the sound of Tom Jonse is a tipical male voice , but change to a female's voice.

I had tried to click different effect in Control Panel at Sound effect but it didn't work. The sound speed sames normal ,only the voice change.

I made a sound record for myself with the microphone, when I play it back, my sound sames to be a little boy's voice. Why is that? How Can I correct it. Please help. Thank you. Regards


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This sounds like a Windows problem. Seek help on a Microsoft or Windows newsgroup.

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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

Oh, I ws going to suggest that he switches the light on, these dark mornings. Mistaking your partner's thong for your boxers when getting dressed in the dark is an easy mistake to make- so I'm told..;)

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Stick it in the vice boy.

Kirk Johnson - Stretchin it wide since 1977.

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Kirk Johnson

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