Just got class 37 sound from South West Digital and well it puts model railway into another class but at =A390 a go not cheap, but worth it. Anyway searching around for sound for a old HST class 43 at Quarsar Electronics (search will find them) they do a 10 second recorder for =A35 so no electronic horn, record a real one wire up a few reed switches and a magnet on 125 and real horns for a fiver. And if you have a 125 then for =A37 Quasar sell a 20 sec sound recorder, record a

125 engine (got mine from Microsoft train simulator) and the bits will all fit in dummy engine including a small speaker(I use a old telephone handset speaker) OK you need a lttle electronic skill but at =A37 a go cheap sound. You will have to make a 5volt regulator to drop from lenz output and wire in a relay but they all fit in dummy cab. Now at =A37 for 20 secs sound wire up to a reed switch as train comes into station tannoy says "Train approaching at platform----" cheap sound, Ok I look for cheap alternatives but my next engine is class 66 sound fitted Bachmann , why sweat fitting a chip costing a =A390 when for =A3150 ready to run, Can't wait Mr Bachmann deliver the class 66 sound ASAP
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