Fleischman Decoupler "N"

A quick question if I may. I have just picked up a couple of second hand
Fleischman electric decouplers that are built into the n gauge rail. Am I
right in assuming that they run on 12 volts DC and am I OK using a bog
standard on/off switch or is there anything different I should know?
Sorry, that is actually two questions ;o)
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Keith Willcocks
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They are intended for 16 volts AC operation. On DC the iron core of the solenoid may well become magnetized which could cause the uncoupling ramp to remain raised. They are intended to be operated by a doorbell type pushbutton switch. Alternatively they can be operated using a wired probe connecting to a wired screw on a track display panel.
The solenoid will eventually overheat if left on at 12/16 volts.
Regards, Greg.P.
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Greg Procter
When I tried the current manual type uncoupler it worked fine with Fleischman stock but did not work with my (all old) Graham Farish, Lima, Minitrix and Bachman (couple of old US outline not Bachman Farish) couplings - Test first if you intend to try them with other makes. Fleischman changed their track a while back, I picked up some older stuff second hand and noted a tendency for other makes of rolling stock to derail in the older curved points (but they have no problems with the current type). Other than the above I am well pleased with the Fleischman stuff, put together a little 4x2 layout for someone else and it all runs smoothly other than non Fleischman locos on the old style curved points (new ones seem fine). I even purchased a three way point, double slip and acouple of left and right points for a future small terminus layout of my own. Not cheap!
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Mike Smith
I picked these up second hand at the Alexandra Palace show on Sunday. I want them to replace the totally useless Peco ones that I installed. I have all Farish stock but have now tried them on a test track and, while they did not uncouple every time, they beat the Peco ones hands down because they never worked.
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Keith Willcocks

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