/* what does this code mean? */

/* what does this code mean? */

char* vote((char*) candidate[]) { sort(candidate);

if (there_is_a_candidate_i_like == TRUE) return candidate[i_like]; else return candidate[0]; }


Hi, folks.

Do you know how to vote when you don't like both candidates, Adam and Ben?

Yes, you are right. Pick Adam when you don't like both because A < B.

If we don't go to vote, they will believe that we are vanished.

If we pick one randomly, they will believe that we will cancel each other and our opinion is mere a noise.

We, the people who don't like both candidates, should agree the voting strategy that all of us will pick the bad bird according to the given name in alphabetical order from A to Z.

The idea is to tell them "Give us at least one candidate we like or whose name is Axxxx".

If the USA still have 10 votes remain and we insist this voting strategy, I guarantee that we will have a president we like before the USA die out.

I don't know if my English skill is good enough to explain this great idea clearly. But I believe you can understand it because you are electrical engineers.

If you think this great idea will help the USA, please share it with your family, your friends, your enemies and anyone you know.

BTW, if you give me 10 cents as a reward for my great idea, I will fell very happy. And if you don't have 10 cents, just give me five.

Have fun.

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