a friend has some problems i a project which about telecommunications

this is the topic of my project:
i havve a PBX-Private Branch Exchange- called LYRIC, it works at a system
called Ground Start (GS), this system is related to give an idle lie to the
PBX from the Central Office, BUt here in jordan the workable system called
Loop Start (LS), so i have to make an enterface circuit which tarnsfere the
LYRIC PBX system from the Ground Start (GS) to Loop Start (LS).
WHAT I NEED IS: a circuit diagram for a ground start to Loop Start Convertor
(GS/LS converter).
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Faris Alahmad
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The manufacturer of the LYRIC PBX will be grateful to help. So, give their technical request office a call.
hth, Andreas
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