Spaß an Physik - auf fast 1500 kostenlosen Seiten

Die neue Version von Motion Mountain, dem Physikbuch ohne langeweilige Seite, ist verfügbar:
Über 100 neue Bilder und viele neue Themen sind hinzugekommen. Anbei die Details - wie das Buch selbst, auf English (die ersten 360 Seiten gibt es auch auf Französisch):
The new, twenty-first edition of the freely downloadable physics textbook is available on
Almost 1500 pages lead through the whole of physics, from mechanics to relativity, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, quantum theory, nuclear physics, astrophysics and unification. Over hundred new figures and tables, and numerous explanations have been added, with many examples from animals, plants and machines.
The twenty-first edition now explains why the speed of light is too slow to speculate with success on the stock exchange, adds the second-level bear fur colour puzzle and the young mother puzzle, presents the nearest place with a pressure permanently lower than that of the atmosphere, adds the puzzle about the horse and the snail on a rubber, tells more about metamaterials, adds some simple chemical puzzles, presents what incredible things on atomic layers one can discover using a pencil and sticky tape, tells more on biological rhythms and clocks, explains how to observe the rotation of the Earth in any classroom after two seconds of observation, shows an electric effect observed on many playgrounds, shows the beauty of bursting soap bubbles and bouncing tennis balls, explains how it is possible to observe the motion of single, isolated electrons, gives more details on the shape of the proton, and tells how to build the simplest possible radio control system.
Les 360 premières pages de cette aventure sont également disponibles en français, grâce au travail remarquable de Benoît Clénet, et peuvent être téléchargées depuis la page d'accueil française.
A wiki open to everybody now keeps track of misprints and suggestions.
Enjoy the reading!
Christoph Schiller
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