Abloy Lockpick/Decoder

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There is no link. I didn't hear about it from the Internet.
> So, where is the link? > >
> > Has anyone ever heard of this tool - Model SK-Abloy Lockpick/Decoder?
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There is a tool which opens them, or some of them anyway. Do a Google search on alt.locksmithing and something on it should come up. May or may not be the same as what you are referring to.
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Do a Google search on
or may not be the same
google group search
formatting link
words "Abloy Lockpick"
maybe this may help ?
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I don't really remember how it was posted or in response to what. The poster as I remember was European (Finland?), or at least the tool was. I got the idea that it worked in a somewhat similar manner to the Lagard 2200 tool, but I'm not sure, I don't run into Abloy locks enough to justify buying anything like that.
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to what. The poster as
was. I got the idea
2200 tool, but I'm
buying anything like
same here..
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