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I'm back! (See? And you thought you could get rid of the lamb that easily did you?)

This isn't as important as getting the damn thing open, but now that I've got this old beast working I have become curious.

Out of general snoopiness, I am wondering if there is a way to tell how old it is.

It says "J & J Taylor Toronto Safeworks" on the door and my googling indicates that J & J Taylor Safeworks was in business in Toronto making safes from 1855 through 1924.

The name stencilled on the frame above the door is "S.P.Petroff".

Now, I know that S.P.Petroff isn't the chap who built this building because (a) it was built in 1946, and (b) the guy's name started with a "K", though I can't just recall what his name actually was. I was told, at one time. It definitely wasn't Petroff.

Is there is a way to date an old safe like this? Is it stamped anywhere? Is there a searchable record of purchasers? Or anything?

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the 'usual' method was the first owner (unless the person had it redone afterwards) got his name painted on it. in that case its the Petroff.. no records available of purchaser..

it might have been informative to know what the ORIGINAL lock dial had on it, and the lock case.. that might have given a clue as to 'possibility of years' of manufacturer, sand thats about the best you can do..

research around in the 'historical records/society' of businesses and see if you come up with that persons name.. and that has possibility of giving a 'decade' of purchase..


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I doubt you will find any searchable record of purchasers, I further suspect you won't find any records of a company that went out of business in 1924.

As far as dating the box, you are probably out of luck.

Petroff was probably the owner. Years ago it was common to have the customers name painted on the safe. You might check with your county records office or the library to see if you can find an old company in your area by that name.

Enjoy your safe.

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Roger Shoaf

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