are mini gloats allowed?

had a lady call... she had some key blanks for sale and wanted
to know if I was interested...
her brother or in law was a locksmith, moved here from CA, and
was living 35 miles to my SW, but he died of something..
he had sold most of his stuff off before coming here and was NOT
a practicing 'smith here, just had a few odd things left and they
were cleaning out the house...
what she had was a box, about 60-70# worth of old blanks, DIRTY
(looked like they had been in a fire and got smoky)
laying on top was 3 push button Simplex, with Best core
capability- just the outer part ... and a few best padlocks..
I asked what she wanted for it, and she said scrap brass price-
$45,( they had called and gotten current prices) cause I was the
only one that expressed interest...
I am a sucker for some things, and bought it...
now ALL this stuff is VERY dirty, and some is just junk...
4 of the Simplex push button entry...
about 10 Chicago file cabinet locks...
20 or so (maybe more) Best 6 and 7 pin cores- brass..
20-25 Best padlocks, VARIOUS sizes... some with and some without
down in the bottom? under the locks and dirty keys...
a Scotsman 747XU? key machine-with the cord cut off...
was missing a couple of pieces, but...
IT WORKED... nothing wrong with it at all...
NO I did not 'get her number' and YES, I am happy...
she DID set the price, and she knew what was in the box...
does that qualify for a 'little gloat"?

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Sure does.:^) I hope you got some old auto blanks in that bunch too. That would be a bonus.... (to us anyway)
Leon Rowell
--Shiva-- wrote:
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Leon Rowell
me too. love (and use) 40's and 50\s car keys... --Shiva--
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Now thats the kind of deal I need to find.
Mike C
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You did good. Gloats are allowed, and encouraged!
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Stormin Mormon
I think so. That's the fun thing about buying "hell boxes" of mixed stuff -- sometimes you get less than you expect, sometimes more, but as long as you watch what you're willing to pay for 'em you can almost always get your money's worth in entertainment value if nothing else.
One thought: If the cord was cut off (which is a pretty definite "don't use this" signal), it might be worth hitting this with a voltmeter just to make sure the case isn't electrically live. If it is, that's fixable so you still got a good deal... but you want to know this *before* it sneaks up on you.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
too many years as an electronics person, I got some real weird test equipment still... and it was fine...
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OK, so I'm preaching to the choir. It was still worth saying, just in case. (My degree claims I'm an electronics person. My employer claims I'm a software architect. I claim I'm a kinetic poet.)
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
my teacher was a crafty old codger... the only person OUTSIDE the factory allowed to repair (when he worked there) the circuit boards in Yale Fork trucks... he went from there to a first class radio telephone license, back when it meant something...
We worked on stuff up into the 2000 V dc power supplies that would pop a 40 amp 220 V circuit.. we melted transmitting antennas some times... (CB's and others)
he could wet his fingers and touch the old tube type house radios that had the 'hot chassies' (175 volts to ground) and never feel them... got stuck in the hospital once, with leg problems and they ran a 'nerve conduction test'... apply power till the muscle twitches... their device didnt go high full open, it tickeled...
WHILE I got you... you or Bobby...
I got some ILCO CO 10's... AND the mirror image blank... what in the world do they fit? cute little notches in the back side... its a Corbin something.... any use for them?
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