Fichet Arden 110

I have the opertunity to purchase a "Fichet Arden 110" safe. Asking price is
approx 400 USD is it worth it.. I cant find any info on this model anywhere.
Owner tells me its 80cm x 62cm x 52cm weighs about 400kg has two keys and a
tumbler ..
Basically .. Is it any good ..
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Eduardo Teixeira
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I have tried all the usual search engines and cannot find the model Arden 110 one thing i have noticed though is that the Fichet brand has a good background and is a well respected brand in europe.
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Eduardo Teixeira
the model Arden
brand has a good
my search couldn't find the model "110" either. (sure ya got the correct model ?) the reason that I posted the google search
formatting link
was to help show that the Fichet brand had good quality.
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