GM Code evolution

In one of the GM code books I have, it states that the 6-cut 1979
codes are "a repeat of the 1971 information"
Would this mean that 1982 would revert to 1974 and so on?
Is this used for 10-cut codes also?
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get an ILCO auto-truck reference.. lists all of them.. you will see..
see the charts
no.. the FIRST 10 cut, was 100,262 numbers without repeat..
THEN we go to letter/number. H and S , cant remeber the third off hand, cause I seldom need it... that replaced the first set of 10 codes.. this brand uses THIS code, the next brand/s use THOSE codes, and teh third use the others..
then there is Saturn, and Caddys.. --Shiva--
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