Hey Goma..

one COLD night, several years back, the fire dept called..
they had a Chrysler that the only way you could open it was jack
open the door..no frame-bare glass
it was +5 with a -20 chill factor..BUT, the car was running, and
the heater was on and nice and toasty..
I thought 2 SECONDS and said.. NAA.. dont want to chance the
glass with that temp difference, which is why the FD called ME..
I referred it to someone with access to chrysler key codes..

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Good move. With extremes like that-I get itchy.
I had an import once- can't rember specifics. Door locked engine running.
5 degrees or so outside with wind whipping.
All it took was a honda tool-but strips were awful tight--that is at first.
I think after a while heat kinda softened the strip up.But I got it. If it would have been no-frame and jack-only..I would have said the heck with it.
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