HPC Code Source or Instacode

Anyone here has this program i will pay for a copy of it Please let me know . snipped-for-privacy@nextel.blacberry.net

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ronnie diaz
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Ottawa Canada

Hi Ronnie:

Your request for a bootleg copy of the HPC or Insta Code programs is the leading reason expensive programs like these use a hardware key on the computer they are running on to attest to the copy of the program being a legitimate one, NOT a bootleg one!


"ronnie diaz" ( snipped-for-privacy@optonline.net) writes: > Anyone here has this program i will pay for a copy of it

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Brian K.Lingard

Well, we don't teach lock picking. Why should we help with code hacking?

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Stormin Mormon

Ronnie, why don't you just buy it off your Locksmith supplier ? you ARE a Locksmith ...... arn't you, if not you have no business trying to get your hands on a code program period. Good luck.

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Steve Paris

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