Is KEYSENTINEL really a locksmith

If one were to do a Google search, one would quickly notice that...

a) KEYSENTINEL has only posted to alt.locksmithing and "exists" nowhere else in Usenet

b) KEYSENTINEL has only posted argumentatively (is that a word?) to any post

c) KEYSENTINEL has never posted any technical information (I'm not talking by-bass info) to help anyone (locksmiths or the general public)

d) KEYSENTINEL gives no other indication (website link, technical knowledge, etc) that he is involved in the profession in any way other that his say-so


e) KEYSENTINEL showed up right around the time that the multiple-alias poster (all with AOL suffixes) was attempting to defend Mr. Blaze

...just an observation.


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Bob DeWeese, CML
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I noticed these things myself. Keysentinels writing style is quite similar to that of the multiple alias AOL poster as well.

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its my understanding that AOL allows 8? email addys from 1 'customer'-real simple for them to change...real quick, too

--Shiva-- nuk pu nuk

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Let's test our friend THE HONERABLE KEYSENTINEL to see if he IS a locksmith instead of guessing.

Question number one.

What is the most common key blank out of these four for commercial buildings in the US?:

1 KW9 2 SC1 3 AR1 4 RU46 5 None of the above

Question number two:

Which one of these key blanks will fit ANY 10 cut Ford lock no matter the design of the ignition switch ears?:

1 H55 2 H50 3 H60 4 H67 5 None of the above

Question number three:

What is the name for the finish of the (brushed crome) mortise cylinders most commonly used in the US on commerical property?:

1 US3 2 626 3 US5 4 4425 5 None of the above

Question number four:

When installing a B162 Schlage Double Cylinder Grade 2 Dead Bolt Universial lock what is the backset of the bolt?

1 5" 2 2.375 3 2.750 4 1.5 5 None of the above

Last question:

How do you determine the year of the car you are opening after 1980?:

1 Ask the customer 2 Look in the glove box 3 Look on the dash board 4 Look on the tail light 5 None of the above

If you answer all five right then you will not be considered a troll but someone I MAY listen to in my book

It's all in fun so why not prove yourself by answering and explaining the answers you gave.

Any locksmith worth a grain of salt should be able to answer these simple questions so if you are a locksmith then you should have no problem.

BTW, I think I know who you really are. Prove me wrong and I wont tell.


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Glen Cooper

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