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Also a popular idea for access to the rear of jewerly stores. A rim
cylinder set so that one key will turn right and a different key will
turn left. A small micro switch is attached to the back of the
cylinder and the button portion rides above the plug retaining cap.
The cap is thinned on one side so the button is always extended when
the key is turned one way. If it is turned the other direction, the
button is pushed which sets off a silent alarm.
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Harvey Arkawy
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Sargent Lock make a cylinder that will do this.. master key is cut 7 pin and allows the cylinder to be rotated in either direction also grabbing a lazy cam on the end the cylinder.
I installed a mortise lockset that does this.. the master key will throw the dead bolt and withdraw the latch and the regular keys will only withdraw the latch.. (employee entrance during business hours)
more common in hotels... emergency key in case tenant locks deadbolt to keep out housekeeper or anyone else for that matter .. this key bypasses and allows the Manager or Owner to enter the premises.. emergency key... rc hope this helps.. it sure came in handy for the manager at Time Warner
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I believe Abloy has or at least used to have a cylinder that was built specially to do this. If I recall properly it was furnished with a 'left' and a "right" key. The application was mainly for AdamsRite deadbolts on convenience stores,
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Jim Gaynor
I have made these up from time to time. It is called a "BRINK'S FUNCITON CYLINDER."
A good description is found in the corbin russwin cylinder manual.
"Primarily used in minimuim security detention facilities, the BRINK fuction mortise cylinder is handed. It offers a change key which will only turn in one direction while the master key turns in both directions. .....
.....A pocket is milled to one side of one pin chamber. Typically, this is the 6th chamber. The change key uses a deep cut which lifts the bottom pin only to the bottom of the pocket. Thus, it can turn the plug only in the direction allowed by the missing material. The master key is two system 70 increments shallower to lift the bottom pin all the way up to the normal plug shear line. This allows the master key to turn in both directions.
The above was copyed from the corbin russwin cylinder manual.
Ed Jasper
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Ed Jasper

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