Picking as a hobby

In a recent thread, there was some discussion about the notion
of lockpicking as a hobby. It seemed that there are people who don't
believe that anyone but a working locksmith, or a wanna be thief, would be
interested in learning to pick locks.
With all due respect to the trade and its traditions (which I know go back
a long time) here is some information about this hobby.
For better or worse, it does exist. I would like to thank the people on
this group, especially Stormin' Mormon, for helping me see that the
physical nature of locks as a security tool does make it different from
the software security tools I am more familiar with.
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Tom Rauschenbach
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also, another thing on this open forum is that there is no telling if questions are coming from a working locksmith, a hobbyist or a wanna be thief.
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