Problem with secondhand safe

Thanks for all the great advice. I tried all of the possible number combinations, there are 4 numbers in the combination, and also reversing the combination in all of the same possibilities. Just to make sure I didn't make a mistake, I tried all of the combinations again, both forward and reversed. From all the dialing though, the dial now seems to turn a bit harder and sometimes get stuck, temporarily, at certain points. I don't have the proper tools to open up the safe by other means, thus why I was wondering if there was anything else I could do before taking it someplace to be opened. I'm starting to think I'm going to be loading up the safe back onto the truck again. Thanks for the heads up on taking to the locksmith to save some cash.


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ok 4 numbers means 5 times RIGHT... then 4th time to the LEFT. then 3rd to the RIGHT and then 2nd to the LEFT.. right to open..

OR.. if its OLDER.. and there is a handle.. try turning the handle AND at the same time, see if the dial gets tighter.. if it DOES, holler back.. different procedure.


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I'm sorry, I have to ask.... If you _did_ have the "proper tools", what (exactly) would you do with them? :)

_Anybody_ can (eventually) drill a hole in _anything_ with the right equipment. The trick is knowing _where_ to drill the hole and then _what_ to do once you have the hole.

I'm not trying to bust your chops, but I just find it somewhat amusing that people seem to think that opening a safe is just a matter of drilling a hole in it.

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Bob DeWeese, CML

Ottawa Canada

The other thing to consider in opening a safe full of firearms and important papers is you don't want the fireworks from a cutting torch damaging the contents, especially if there are a bunch of boxes of ammunition for the hand guns inside the safe!


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Brian K.Lingard

But he saw it on TV!

I like to tell people that buying a pick set to pick locks is like buying a pencil to draw portraits. Sure! Buy one!

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Stormin Mormon

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