Thanks for all the help folks!

With reference to my post about dumping my old freight cars and buying
KADEE brand freight cars w/KADEE #5 couplers, because I'm 78 and my
eyes are bad and my hands are not too steady, I found INTERNET
TRAINS.COM and bought two KADEE brand freight cars w/KADEE # 5's. One
was 23.00 and the other was 24.00 completely assembled. and I plan on
buying one or two a month for about a year or so.
No more fiddling around with McHenry's and the other junk. I'm not a
modeler. I want to concentrate on scenery and buildings and wiring and
switches and switch machines and enjoy my G&D railrod before I hit 105
years old!
Thanks a million for all the advice, especially the offers to help me
install them. I am emotional over that! This is one great venue!! with
a bunch of really great people.
Again. gracias!
Picture Rocks, AZ
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You ARE a modeler from what I see. You do scenery, buildingsand other stuff which makes you a modeler. I think its great that you can concentrate on areas you are comfortable with and still be a model RRer. I sure hope I'm as well skilled as you when I get to 78.
And you're one of those great people too!
Cheers, Bill S.
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Bill Sohl
Mike, Your going to like those Kadee cars. It would be hard to buy or build anything better. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger

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