Thanks for the info about the hand change lock.it is most helpful.

the only #'s I can find are painted in gold on right door they are "51399" under that is "322 1/2" outside dims. are 3'd x 5'w x 6'tall it's massive! This is a double door safe, with inner plate doors, then pie safe and lockers, and locking drawers. The inside is ornate with paintings and gold leaf all around, the outside has 2 coats of paint over original.can't wait to see what's under there. your info has been very helpful.

thanks again

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Unfortunately I don't have any specific specifications info on that. AFAIK, and somebody will correct me if I'm wrong I'm sure, HHM who I think you said was the manufacturer was bought out by Diebold. They may have some info, probably on film or worse sitting in a box in a warehouse somewhere, but finding someone who can, or will, take the time to find it for you may be a challenge.

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