Residential door key control solution?

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I'm looking for some names for dead-bolt set that can be installed in
standard residential hardware to replace a standard Kwikset w/ minimal
machining to the door itself.
It should offer excellent key control, so current residents can't make
copies for friends, family, etc.
The blanks should be restricted, but duplication shouldn't be
restricted to any one locksmiths since I'm screwed if that shop goes
out of business. I prefer a card based system or
I prefer that the cylinder is rekeyable so if a key is lost, it can be
rekeyed at a reasonable cost.
Who knows of such a lock system?
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I would recomend an ICLO/LORI Deadbolt. You might have to do some enlarging on the bolt-hole and on the door frame. It uses a mortise cylinder so you can order the cylinders from the factory or have a locksmith pin them for you.
Arrow makes some decent residential deadbolts that can use Key-in-Knob cylinders.You could order your KNK cylinders-then swap them with the Arrow
You could go with a Locksmith only keyway also. That way you would'nt be screwed because another locksmith would have them or could get them for you.
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If the shop goes out of business, it is likely that the records, blanks, goodwill etc would be sold to another shop.
If you do have the misfortune of being left high and dry, buying a new lock would not be the end of the world. If you cannot get any more keys made, it is probably time for a lock change anyway. If you charge a reasonably stiff fee for extra or lost keys (this has been discussed here previously) this would yield more than enough money for reasonably regular lock changes.
In reality another locksmith could most probably just supply new plugs (the part that turns) or cylinders when a re-key is needed.
Unless you are using Medeco (and some other brands), it would pay to have a diferent keyway used, so any old keys retained by residents cannot be turned into bump keys for the changed cylinder.
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